This is a WiKi page to allow users to add comments. Feel free so to do, but if changes are needed, ensure that sys-admin is also contacted. See also the official page.

Installed Linux Software

Most of the RPMs are the x86_64 versions, although the i[3456]86 versions can be loaded.

Fedora Core 3

The machines are all using Fedora Core 3.

J2SE(TM) Development Kit 5.0

They have J2SE 5.0 AKA jdk-1.5.0-fcs installed. As JAVA uses a Virtual Machine, the 32 bit version should not be needed. Anyone compiling to machine code should consider whether to maintain ix86 or x86_64 worlds, or whether both are needed.

matlab in 32 bit mode

matlab -glnx86 works in 32 bit mode.


See the "What works ?" section on the Condor WiKi page.

Remote Management

See the ../RemoteManagement page.

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