FlySlip: Integrating Literature, Experiments and Curation in Drosophila Genomics Research


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FlySlip is a joint project between the Natural Language and Information Processing Group in the Computer Laboratory and the FlyBase curation team in the Department of Genetics at Cambridge. Its aim is to develop advanced technology for biomedical text mining, which can be tightly integrated into existing manual methods of literature curation with FlyBase serving as the main paradigm. We compiled new resources for development and evaluation and published the results of our research in the main text mining fora.

An overview of the project is provided in this poster.

FlySlip was funded by BBSRC (grant no. 38688).


Ted Briscoe (PI)

Simone Teufel (PI)

Gos Micklem (PI)

Caroline Gasperin

Nikiforos Karamanis

Ian Lewin

Ruth Seal

Andreas Vlachos

Former project members

Rachel Drysdale

Chihiro Yamada

Florian Wolf

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