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NIOS Custom Instruction Example

This example consists of the following files:

Importing the custom instruction into SOPC Builder

Building CustomInstruction_SaturationAdd.bsv results in mkCustomInstruction_SaturationAdd.v ready to be imported as a custom instruction (note that you can ignore the build warnings - see reset info. below).

In SOPC Builder (assuming you already have a NIOS processor design - if not, see the ):

  1. double click on your NIOS processor
  2. select "Custom Instructions"
  3. hit the "Import" button
  4. select the "HDL Files" tab and "Add..." mkCustomInstruction_SaturationAdd.v, hit "Close"

  5. inspect the "Signals" and "Interfaces" tabs to see what is going on
  6. hit "Finish..." and say "Yes, Save" to create mkCustomInstruction_SaturationAdd_hw.tcl

  7. then you hit a bug - your new instruction doesn't appear in the list
    • click "Finish", then double click on your processor and look at "Custom Instructions" again and it should appear
    • now "Add..." your new instruction
  8. "Generate" your improved SOPC system and resynthesise the design

Tip - deleting a design and reimporting - this functionality seems to be missing from the GUI. Deleting the instruction can be achieved by removing the mkCustomInstruction_SaturationAdd_hw.tcl and the "File->Refresh System". You may then need to delete the red error info about missing module in your SOPC design.

Implementation Notes

Reset is positive

Bluespec by default uses a negative reset (i.e. reset=0 means in reset, reset=1 means running). However the NIOS Custom Instruction interface uses positive resets. This is handled by the top-level module in CustomInstruction_SatAdd.bsv:

The incoming reset is nios_custom_instruction_slave_reset which is reviled by exposeCurrentReset and then inverted using mkResetInverter. This new reset signal (rst_n) is passed to the wrapper interface (mkNIOS_Two_Operand_Custom_Instruction) and to the module providing the new instruction functionality (mkSaturationAdd).

Important Notes

File location

For the design, see: /usr/groups/ecad-labs/ACS-ACD-1112/bluespec-examples/CustomInstructionExample

Or see the public web version: NIOS custom instruction in Bluespec

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